Leveraging Our Services

Analytics Modeling 

Modeling Overview

Modeling is the process of defining a set of rules through mathematical computation. It’s based on analyzing data to make a probabilistic prediction for decision-making. There are many different types of models that can be used for different purposes, from predicting sales to grouping customers based on behaviour. No matter the business problem, we will work with your data to build models that you can use for forward-looking, predictive decision-making.

Leveraging the Power of Modeling

The mathematical models that we build are completely customizable meaning that we work with you to incorporate all key information, constraints, and higher-level business rules into our models. Analytics models will optimize all key inputs and constraints, identifying the best possible decision. Models weigh the importance of a set of factors that will impact a long-term decision for your business.

Ensuring Model Accuracy

Our mathematical models are back-tested on historical data to test the efficacy of each model’s predictive abilities. If a model predicted an outcome identical to what the historic outcome would have been, then the model predictions are considered robust for decision-making in the future. Once a model is in production, we continue to update our back-testing procedures to ensure predictive capabilities meet tight thresholds and guidelines.  


Dashboard Reporting 

Dashboard Overview

A dashboard is a collection of graphs and charts that serves as a powerful decision-making and reporting tool in real time. Our clients give us great feedback on dashboards because they offer easy access into valuable insights within the underlying data.

Start Dashboarding Today

Desa Analytics designs dashboards that are simple to use yet highly effective in their story-telling abilities. Dashboards are customizable and quick to build. We work with you to design the structure of the dashboard, data variables that you need to see, and the key performance indicators that are most critical to measure over time. We ensure that our dashboards are dynamic by connecting them to data sources that are refreshed automatically and periodically to provide recurring real-time insights that are actionable. As an added feature, the dashboard reports that we build can also be combined with our analytics models to provide an even more powerful decision-making tool for your business. 


Data Collection

Taking the First Step      

Many small and mid-sized businesses find themselves wanting to analyze data, but do not have the infrastructure in place to do so. They want to develop a better understanding of the past to create better outcomes for the future. These businesses know that the data exists but have no way of easily and cost effectively capturing it for internal analyses. Desa Analytics can help your organization take the first step in assessing your data needs and help you build the appropriate data infrastructure to start analyzing data quickly.

What We Collect

Data collection and preparation can often be a strenuous process within your organization. Desa Analytics can assist with this. Whether it be external data, such as macroeconomic data that impacts your business, or internal data, such as customer data, we can help. Desa Analytics can collect data which is derived from external sources, such as API’s and downloadable files, and internal sources, such as data tables and reports. Examples of the type of external data that Desa Analytics can collect include:

  • Online news publications
  • Social media posts
  • Macro-economic data

Data sources are then compiled and built into a dynamic data workflow that cleanses the data and transforms it into a more usable format for your data analytics purposes. The data workflow is built to be automated, dynamic, and scalable for different volumes and varieties of data, both for cloud and on-premise systems. Your data workflow will set the foundation for better data analytics, data reporting, and data modeling.