Service Offerings

Data Collection

Assisting our clients with taking their first step along the analytical journey by setting up a robust and timely data pipeline with which to collect, clean, and store critical data for business analysis. Services include, but are not limited to; API Integration & Management, Data Pipelining, ETL processes, Data Storage, and Data Table Organization.

Quantitative Analysis

By taking a quantitative approach to analysis, we can pinpoint trends and patterns within your data that will act as areas of opportunity. Services include, but are not limited to; Sensitivity Analysis, ARIMA, Monte Carlo Simulation, Correlations, Co-Integrations, and Distribution Analysis. 

Risk Management

Although growth strategies are an important objective, our goal is to help you do so in a prudent and robust way. Applying sound risk management techniques will help you be aware of and safeguard against your biggest risks. Services include, but are not limited to; Value-at-Risk (VAR), Expected Shortfall (ES), Stressed Analysis, Volatility Analysis, Swap-Sets, and Hedging. 

Data Management

Quality data leads to quality insights; We leverage our time-tested techniques in data management to ensure only the most important data is built into the AI engines that power your insights. Services include, but are not limited to; Feature Scaling, Encoding, Selection, Class Balancing, Statistical Testing, Data Splitting, and Outlier Detection.

Data Visualization

Achieving success for our clients starts with defining the objectives, mainly through key performance indicators. We work with our clients to identify what those indicators should be and apply our deep knowledge of data visualizations to build tracking dashboards and reporting frameworks that will measure and assess strategy performance.    

Artificial Intelligence

We apply our expertise in Explainable AI to turn your data into decisions. Our algorithms can process large volumes of data quickly to provide your organization with the insights you need to create value for your clients. Services include, but are not limited to; Neural Networks, Optimization, Regression, Decision Trees, Clustering, Natural Language Processing, Bayes, and Support Vector Machines.

Analytics Strategy

We combine the AI that drives insights from your data with an end-user strategy that will help you measure the real-time benefits of the AI solution. We will create customized key performance indicators, strategy measurement methodology, and a reporting framework that will quantitatively assess the success rate of the strategy.

We use the highest-quality industry-leading tools to apply our analytical techniques to your data. Our tools are efficient, robust, scalable, and secure with your sensitive information. Our toolkit includes Python, R, SQL, SAS, Tableau, IBM Watson, and Google Cloud Platform services.